Bacon Master- Bacon Nation

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Bacon Master- Bacon Nation

Product #: BNB-1BM

  • Everything Is Better With Bacon!
  • Cook perfectly crisp bacon every time! 
  • Vertical cooking drains off fat for healthier cooking! 
  • Cooks bacon evenly without turning.
  • Bottom tray catches all greasy drippings.
  • Makes cooking bacon as easy as toasting bread.
  • Non Stick Cooking Surface For Easy Clean Up.

The Bacon Master delivers perfect crispy bacon every time. The Bacon Master has been specifically designed to slow cook your bacon to a perfect crisp.  What is so unique about the bacon master is that  bacon is laid vertically on a nonstick surface.  This causes the bacons grease to drain off to the bottom, leaving your bacon crispy, crunchy and downright delicious. Long gone are the days of greasy breakfasts. This stainless steel, bacon-dedicated machine cooks up to 6 pieces of traditional or thick-cut bacon at a time. The Bacon Master’s top seals in heat and prevents splatter, and the bottom tray catches all the greasy drippings. The bottom tray and top can be removed for easy cleaning and are Dishwasher safe.

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