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When I first heard about the Electric Mac & Cheese Maker from Smart Planet, I oddly amused. But who doesn’t love mac & cheese? My kids would eat mac and cheese for every meal if I let them. So I was actually pretty excited for this bad boy.

Electric Mac & Cheese Maker



This Electric Mac & Cheese Maker perfect for people who are in collage, it’s SO EASY! It’s legit the quickest way to prepare mac and cheese. There’s a built in strainer that drains water in seconds as well. No need to look for the drainer bowl this is everything you need built into one gadget. All you have to do is add all the ingredients through the ingredient slot. Which might I add, could of been a bit bigger, but it’s all good.

Sit in all the ingredients with the easy to use handle. It’s suggested that you wear a oven mitt or something, because the steam will get you and it’s HOT! After a few minutes, it’s ready to eat! There’s a recipe booklet that has recipes. We used the one they had for homemade mac and cheese, which is normally how I do it, I rarely ever use the blue box anymore.

Electric Mac & Cheese Maker

It has 3 settings which are Low, Simmer and Boil. It’s best if you take a damp rag and wash it out before and after ever use. I even let my oldest help me make the dinner. It’s always nice when you’re able to let your kids help you and not let them be in danger. It’s safe for the older kids. It’s also great for anyone who can’t cook. It’s so simple!

The SmartPlanet Electric Mac & Cheese Maker is available for purchase online at the SmartPlanet website for $29.99. Everyone that likes SmartPlanet on Facebook through this promotion will get a 20% off promo code as long as they ask for it.


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