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Make Meal Prep Easy with Pure Salad by Smart Planet


If you read my blog then you may know that that I am working really hard on losing weight with Nutrisystem.  Part of my program is to include four servings of veggies every single day.  Since we always seem to be on the go and fitting in quick meals when we get a chance it really helps me to plan ahead.  With Pure Salad from Smart Planet, I can prep my salads and veggies in advance and keep them fresh so I can grab them and go.   Since it’s made of glass I can easily stick it in the fridge, use it in the oven, or even the microwave with no worries.  It’s really convenient and has really helped me with having healthier options prepped ahead of time for easy snacking and eating.

This BPA free glass bowl is perfect no matter what meals you would like to prep in it.  For me, I love it for my veggies but it’s great for any type of food.  It makes meal time really simple and you can keep your foods fresh much longer with it.  I like taking my foods with me when we travel or if I have to be away from the house during meal times.  It’s small enough it easily fits in a lunch bag but big enough to hold the foods I need to bring with me.  The easy lock lid keeps foods safe and fresh and is secure so you know it’s locked in place.  It is my favorite way to meal prep right now.

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