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Smart Planet Gummy Candy Maker Review & Giveaway

Smart Planet Gummy Candy Maker Review & Giveaway


Thanks to one of Smart Planet’s newest products, you can now make your very own gummy candy at home!  This Gummy Candy Maker set is my family’s latest obsession.  It is super easy to use and loads of fun.  The Smart Planet Gummy Candy Maker set includes four silicone mold trays for making gummy bears and gummy worms as well as one giant gummy bear mold.  This candy maker set also includes a microwavable silicone candy bowl with an easy pour spout.  This set is surprisingly easy to use and clean.  The gummies easily pop out of the molds and are ready to eat.


My kids could easily remove the gummies from the mold all on their own.  In fact, they were so quick about that this was the only picture I managed to get before they started shoveling their gummy treats into their eager mouths!


The Gummy Candy Maker also comes with a recipe book.  You will find a recipe for standard gummies as well as others for vitamin and sour gummies.  The recipe for just regular gummies includes 4 packets of gelatin as well as a 30z box of gelatin in the flavor of your choice.  Simply mix these ingredients with cold water and heat them up in the silicone bowl.  The light film is created at the top of the mixture when heated.  You can the tell which gummies I poured first into the mold because the top has a more solid pink color.  It doesn’t effect the texture of your gummies in any way but if you want to have a more clear back on your gummies, simply scrape the film off the top of your heated ingredients before pouring them into the mold.  This will give them a more professional look if you will be serving them to guests.  Once you are ready to pour, fill each gummy mold and then refrigerate.  When fill the small gummy bear molds be sure to fill them to the top or your cute little gummy bears won’t have ears.  We did this the first time we made gummies using this set.  Honestly, my kids didn’t even care that the ears were missing.  They were too excited to gobble up their cute little creations!


To create the giant gummy bear, you simply double the recipe.  We found that we like our gummies to be a tad softer so we actually cut out one packet of the regular gelatin when creating our giant gummy bear.  You will put this mold in the freezer to let it set.  The giant gummy bear turned out great.   Since this mold is not made of silicone and did place a light spray of palm oil in the mold before filling it.  Once the gummy was set, I simply pulled the mold away from the gummy at its side and it easily separated.  I tipped the mold over a plate and the gummy easy fell out of the mold and maintained its perfect shape.  The Smart Planet Gummy Candy Maker set is a great way to get creative in the kitchen.  It is extremely easy to use and my kids are busy coming up with new requests for the next batch of gummies we will create with this Gummy Candy Maker.


These gummies would make a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day!

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