SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Meal Kit Giveaway

SmartPlanet Meal Kit Giveaway

Yesterday we posted a round-up of our favorite lunch boxes, and today we've got a surprise for you - a giveaway!

SmartPlanet sent me a free Portion Perfect Meal Kit in exchange for my review, and now they're sharing the love with one lucky reader!  These are bright, fun, BPA-free silicone containers that have volume measurements right on them so you know exactly how much food you're portioning out.

They're also microwave-safe, so if you steal it for your own lunch at work instead of sending it off with your kids, we'll never tell.

Then you can throw it in the dishwasher (hand-wash the lid, please) and then collapse it for flat, easy storage.

The lid is not completely leak-proof between sections, but if you're not tipping it on its side, it's perfectly fine to use to transport soups, yogurt, and other messier items.  The reservoirs are designed well - nice and deep - so you could fit a good amount of liquid-ish food without filling it to the very top, risking spills.

I'd never seen a lunch container quite like this - I've really come to like it for its deep containers and easy storage.  Most other lunch containers tend to have super shallow compartments which is great if you take lots of different foods, but not as practical if you're trying to pack a whole cohesive meal.