SmartPlanet Double Decker Meal Kit Review & Giveaway


Kristina was given a SmartPlanet Double Decker Meal Kit in exchange for the opportunity to review it honestly and host a giveaway. All opinions are her own.

We've had a fun week talking about how each of us have approached motherhood differently, and we're wrapping up the week with a giveaway!

SmartPlanet (who introduced us to the Portion Perfect Meal Kit in our Lunch Box Round-Up Post) has another product, and while it would be great for any number of people, I think it would be perfect for a working mom.

Introducing their Double Decker Meal Kit.

It comes with a built-in fork/spoon utensil and cup for salad dressing and features two large stacked containers, both of which are undivided and hold one type of food each.

You know why that's good? Because you can take your leftovers to work and microwave them. As much as I love bento-style and other compartmentalized containers, their biggest limitation is that you can't microwave them unless all the foods you've brought need to be reheated the same way.

For me, that rarely happened with my lunches.

I typically brought my dinner leftovers, meaning I didn't need a bunch of smaller compartments. I just needed one.

I also love that's it's all-in-one and you don't have to hunt down a fork or a spoon in the break room.

And, of course, I also loved the large sizes of each of the food compartments. I wasn't going to go hungry! :)

It collapses for easy storage and has a convenient carrying handle. It's great for the mama who's trying to stay healthy and bring her own lunch from home.

And, of course, it's dishwasher safe (please hand-wash the lid, though) because moms have enough to do without having to wash extra dishes!