Smart Planet Ultrathin SaladBook Storage Set Review

Smart Planet Ultrathin SaladBook Storage Set Review

Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor,

Bringing a healthy and filling lunch to work or school has never been as easy as it is with the Smart Planet Ultrathin SaladBook Storage Set. The set comes with everything you need to transport your favorite salad creations. It includes the container for keeping your salad, an insulated carrying case, silicone dressing container, and reusable spork.

I love eating salad for lunch, but it isn't the easiest meal to transport. You are filled with the dressing dilemma and whether to pre-dress the salad or bring a giant bottle from the store with you. This storage set is a great solution since it can hold your lunch, keep it cool, and even includes a small container to transport your favorite dressing. I love the small silicone dressing holder because it is a convenient size, easy to clean, and is even collapsible.

The actual container is just the right size for fitting your favorite lettuce and vegetables. It is also microwave safe so you can use it for transporting or storing other foods like side dishes and meat. After using it, you can put the container in your dishwasher for carefree cleaning.

The carrying case has a handle and is a far cry from the brown bag look. The thin size of the container makes it simple to store in your bag or backpack, too! This set allows you to easily take your salad and dressing to work or school.