Smart Planet Portion Perfect Stackable Meal Tower

Smart Planet Portion Perfect Stackable Meal Tower

Smart Planet Portion Perfect Stackable Meal Tower



Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor,

It turns out food containers can be useful AND adorable; look no further than the Smart Planet Portion Perfect Stackable Meal Tower. This lean, green, snack-storing machine has plenty of room for a complete lunch.

I always thought Japanese bento boxes were pretty much the perfect food container style. They are compact, and keep your foods separated as they should be. That is the case with this Portion Perfect Stackable Meal Tower. 

There are four sections to this tower, in cheerful shades of yellow and green that remind you that you should actually be eating more of the green stuff. I will not tattle on you if you fill this tower with candy, different types of cheese, or any other kind of food. 

The sections are portioned so that they get bigger on the bottom, which makes it the perfect container for a complete workday. Put your lunch in the bottom two containers and snacks in the upper parts. That way you can use the container throughout the day and won't need multiple containers to be prepared for your lunch and snacks.

The sections of this meal tower screw closed with a tight seal. You could put noodles in the bottom, then veggies, chips, and fruit for a complete meal. The portion sizes make it an easy way to stay on track with your diet.

Due to its compact size, you can easily transport this container in a backpack or lunch bag. It would be a great tool for a hiking trip or a day out on the town. Just stack your meal, and you're ready to go.