Smart Planet Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit Review

Smart Planet Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit Review

Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor,

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The Smart Planet Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit is both a food storage container system and a way to watch your caloric intake. The lunch bag comes with seven individual containers that are sized according to the portion of that food you should consume. The colorful containers help you pack a lunch that is well-rounded and nutritious. 

I am one of those people who can keep eating all day long if I am not careful. It is crazy how quickly a whole bag of chips can just disappear. The portion system used for this lunch bag, however, keeps you from losing control, since you can only pack healthy portions. 

There are 7 containers of varying size contained in the lunch bag. The smaller containers can hold condiments, toppings, carbs, and dairy, while the larger containers hold protein, fruits, and vegetables. The containers are all labeled so you can easily follow the 3 week solution.

The actual lunch bag is incredibly handy and has three extra pockets. It holds all of the containers, plus has room for a water bottle. The back has a large pocket along with an ID holder in case the bag is lost. In the back of the main compartment is an ice pack inside a zipped enclosure. This keeps the entire bag cold so your food stays ready to eat.

The Portion Perfect Kit is both a food storage system and a dieting tool. It is great for taking lunch and snacks to the office or school. Together with exercise, the kit will help you stay on a healthy track.