Smart Planet NDK Double Decker Food Container Review

Smart Planet NDK Double Decker Food Container Review

 Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor,

The Smart Planet NDK Double Decker Food Container is perfect for bringing lunch to school or work. Dual compartments allow you to pack plenty without having to mix food together. I love using it to store and take soups, salads, and leftovers.

Taking lunch to work is something I have to think about every day. I like to bring a couple items to enjoy, but most of my food containers can only hold one item. Juggling a few containers on the way to work is not ideal. This container allows you to store two items all in an easy to carry container. The handle makes it even easier to take your food with you on the go.

The two compartments are kept separate with two lids. The entire container can hold 39 ounces, and each compartment can hold a large portion. I was able to bring a bowl of soup and a chicken dish to work without a problem. You can even heat your food in the very same compartments. 

Four different colors mean everyone in the family can have their own distinguishable container to call their own. These containers will make packing lunch for school or work stress-free.