Smart Planet NDK 2-in-1 Vacuum Bottle Review

Smart Planet NDK 2-in-1 Vacuum Bottle Review

Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor,


On-the-go people will appreciate this useful Smart Planet NDK 2-in-1 Vacuum Bottle. You know the type: they are always running out the door, grabbing a drink off the kitchen counter on the way out. This bottle is perfect for those people because it will keep their drinks cold or hot while they navigate their busy lives.

NDK is a lifestyle performance brand, so this vacuum bottle is built to hold up under everyday use, no matter whether you're running to the office, or climbing a mountain. This bottle is stainless steel and BPA free. It's double wall insulated to retain temperature. There's a comfortable grip around the middle to help keep the bottle in your hands. On the top, there's a screw-off drinking spout - this bottle makes it tough to spill all over yourself, which is nice when you're being active. There's a handle up top too, perfect for attaching a carabiner, so that you can carry this bottle on your backpack or hip. The caps screw in tight, with rubber seals to prevent any leakage.

It seems that the steel base of this bottle is probably dishwasher safe on the top rack. Stainless steel is easy to clean. It’s best to hand-wash the caps, to avoid damaging the rubber seals.

This bottle is 2-in-1 because the top can keep liquids cold for over 24 hours, and the bottom can keep liquids hot for over 12 hours. That means you can put your drink in the top, and put soup in the bottom, to have a complete lunch ready-to-go. This is very handy for active people. If you like to hike, mountain climb, cave dive, or do any kind of outdoor activity, this vacuum bottle is sure to come in handy.