Sharper Image Sharper Image SI-AA1 Auto 4 in 1 Emergency Tool Review


I am reviewing the Sharper Image 4 in 1 emergency tool For Smart Planet Company 4 in 1 Emergency Tool perfect for any emergency, compact size for placement in glove department for easy access.


The Sharper Image 4 in 1 emergency tool is for mainly use in your autos. The features emergency hammer it’s a seat belt cutter, it also is a road flare with a flashlight also it has a magnet.


  • Seatbelt cutter for quick escapes TRY TO CUT AWAY FROM BODY & FACE ETC. 
  • Flashing emergency beacon light also doubles as a flashlight for safe visibility
  • Runs on common everyday AA batteries …DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES.. 
  • Emergency Safety Hammer for breaking auto glass when doors or automatic windows are not functioning


Magnet plus twist to open for batteries

Hook on left seat belt cutter. Silver bullet like piece on other side is used to break auto windows.

The two black buttons one is for flash light and other acts a SOS Flare


 I am one for keeping important things in the glove box, but not tools that you need in an emergency. Your glove box can be crushed and no way to open it! As a rule my husband had me keep items like this under the front and passenger seat for easier access. Medical surplus you may need should be  under seats. Glove compartment is for your information.