Sharper Image 4 in 1 Emergency Tool Review

Sharper Image 4 in 1 Emergency Tool

Updated February 24, 2017

Reviewed by Jessica Carpender, Editor,


If you keep the Sharper Image 4 in 1 Emergency Tool in your vehicle, it can save space and maybe your life. With a flashlight, seat belt cutter, emergency hammer and road flare, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.

When you're in an emergency, you're not thinking clearly. It can be difficult to figure out what you need, and where that tool might be. If you're trapped, the situation could worsen because you won't have the tools you need available, especially if they are all stored away in a toolbox.

Say you're in a car accident late at night, and your seatbelt is trapping you. The car flipped, so you can't get the door open. You're probably in shock and possibly beat up or injured, but you need to get out of that car as fast as possible.

Would you have the wits to figure out a way to cut yourself free in a pinch? If you have this 4-in-1 Emergency Tool in your glovebox, you'll be ready to make your escape. There's a seatbelt cutter built-in, so you can lean over, grab the tool from your glovebox, and cut yourself free. You can use the emergency hammer to break your window or force the door open.

When you get out of the car, there's a flashlight on the tool to guide you back to the road. Then, you can use the road flare to flag down someone to help you.

This tool may not be a replacement for a full roadside emergency kit, but it's definitely a useful gadget to have at arm's reach.