Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit

Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit

With summer halfway over and the holidays around the corner, it’s important to continue to stay focused on your health and diet. It’s not always easy to make the right healthy food choices, so when SmartPlanet offered to send me their Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit I thought it was the perfect gadget to share with my readers.

Perfect Portion 3 Week Meal Solution from SmartPlanet

Sometimes when I get on a healthy kick, I do really good at the beginning of my venture and then start to taper off and eventually stop. I’ve tried a lot of different ways to stay on track and oftentimes each attempt will work for awhile, so I am always looking for new ways to keep me focused. The Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit from SmartPlanet is a great tool to help me keep on track and not overeat.

3 Week Solution from SmartPlanet

Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit from SmartPlanet contains an insulated bag, a spork, healthy fats container, fruits container, veggies container, proteins container, carbs container, condiments container, toppings container, and a 3 weeks solutions meal plan booklet.

Inside of 3 Week Solution Kit

What I love about the 3 Week Solution Meal Kit is that the little containers are labeled as a guide to help you know what to pack and how much to pack so you don’t overeat.

Portion Perfect Meal Plan Containers

The Portion Perfect 3 Week Solution Kit is the perfect way to plan a healthy lunch that may help you keep from overeating and eat healthier. SmartPlanet has been generous and is allowing me to host a giveaway for one lucky reader of mine. It’s easy to enter,  just make sure to live in the United States