I got the fabulous Gummy Candy Maker that comes with all the non-food items to make gummy bears, worms and even a huge gummy bear at home.  The instruction booklet came with a few recipes for gummys and I found one similar for fruit snacks online.  We made both, creating huge batches of all-things-gummy!  We had a blast and it was super easy.  There were a few messes but that happens when kids help cook.

The Gummy Candy Maker is from Smart Planet.  They have a large variety of items to help get kids in the kitchen (and having fun) and making foods more enticing.   Snoopy Waffles, soft pretzel maker and a ton of on-the-go drink and food containers.



 The trays connect together.  We did it backwards the first time!  When I doubt, READ the instructions, right?

Make sure to clean everything with warm soapy water prior to making gummy snacks.  (Recipe posted below).

The right way would have been to put ice at the bottom of the green trays.  Put the silicone molds on top. Make the recipes.  Pour into the molds.  Having a few kitchen towels around is good too, since the kids and I over-poured a few times.

2016-02-07 16.16.44In the end we made a giant gummy bear (pic in mold and on a plate).2016-02-07 16.16.512016-02-07 17.59.42Gummy worms (we even poured the liquid in, waited and poured more of another color to make them dual-colored.2016-02-07 18.02.40Gummy bears.  The legs sorta looked like Lego brick pieces.2016-02-07 18.04.01All of our creations.  A few broke when trying to get them out of the molds.  I discovered spraying a tiny bit of non-cook spray in the molds first helped. 2016-02-07 18.04.28



Gummy Bear Recipe


  • 3 cups cold water.
  • 1 box of flavored gelatin.


  1. Use recipe on gelatin box, like you are creating normal Jello but reduce the amount of water.
  2. If you normally use 4 cups, use 3 instead.
  3. This will make the gummy snacks thicker and hold the mold shape better.
  4. Mix gelatin and water into a sauce pan.
  5. Put on stove on medium flame and bring to a boil, stirring frequently.
  6. Remove from heat and carefully pour into molds.
  7. Let chill in mod mixture for approximately 15 minutes or until gelatin sets.
  8. Carefully remove from molds by cutting around corners with a knife orrunning under warm water.