Mother of two review Mason Drink jar

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I was recently asked to review the Mason Drinking Jar, by Smart Planet. I have worked with them in the past and was impressed then, so I was really interested to review the mason drinking jar. When I received the box in the mail, I noticed it didn't feel heavy. I opened the box and realized it was made of plastic, which is awesome because I am not a big fan of glass drinking containers, too afraid of me or my kids breaking them.  

I washed the mason jar right away then filled it with cold water from my fridge. It was easy to wash because of the large opening at the top, and the handle is solid plastic, so I don't ever have to worry about anything getting suck in there. The straw has a stopper on the end that you place inside the jar to make it so you don't pull it out or have it fall out if it spills over. The lid is made out of aluminum and has a spill resistant straw hole, which I tested out, by laying it on its side the water did continuously drip out, but didn't spill all over.

I drink water all the time it was nice to change up my drinking container, especially with something people don't see everyday. My kids even had to try it out.
The Mason Jar is 16 ounces, 100% BPA Free, 100% recyclable, and available in four colors. I was happy to see that it was shipped in a cardboard box with paper to protect, not bubble wrap, so I could recycle the box and the paper. 
About Smart Planet (from their website); 

Smart Planet carries Household Items with an Eco-friendly twist.
Founded in 1995, for more than 15 years, it has been Smart Planet’s mission to help you live in our planet earth with our Eco-friendly household items.
Smart Planet is an internationally renowned source of innovative and Eco-friendly products that make life more enjoyable.
Our offices are located in China, Hong Kong, and United States.
If it's good for the environment and it's good for business, then it's good for us and our partners.

The only thing downfall for me was I could only get the mason drinking jar, to fit inside one of my van cup holders. To do that, I had to take out one of the rubber insert out of the two cup holds that are next to each other, with a little gap between them, and turned the handle in toward the gab, to make it fit (I hope I explained it well enough to understand, I should have taken a picture).  I do however think it is great around my house or while visiting friends or family at their house.

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