Smart Planet Salad Bowl

Smart Planet Salad Bowl

lunch box for salads


Salads make a fabulous meal. I would much rather make my own than purchase a ready made one. It can be hard to make a salad ahead of time or pack one to-go, if you don’t have the right containers. You can end up with a mushy and wilted mess, if the components are mixed together ahead of time.

Smart Planet has come up with a clever salad bowl that is a perfect lunch box for your salad.


The silicone Collapsible Deluxe Salad Bowl doesn’t take up much space when it’s empty, but it expands to double it’s original size.

The bottom is made from flexible silicone and is made to store your greens without crushing them.

salad topping storage

The top section is made of a more rigid material. It has 3 compartments around the edges for salad toppings. In the center is a container with an attached lid that will hold your salad dressing.

The foldable spoon/fork combo stores right inside. There is a hinge in the middle. When it’s opened up you have your choice of spoon on one side and fork on the other.

salad lunch box

The lid has 4 clamps to hold it in place. The inner seals keep each of the 3 condiment sections closed up tightly. You can pack dry or wet condiments without worrying about them spilling into each other.

This is an amazing reusable salad bowl. It will help you pack delicious lunches that are good for you!

lunch box for salads

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