Smart Planet Mac and Cheese Maker Review & Giveaway

Smart Planet Mac and Cheese Maker Review

Smart Planet Mac and Cheese MakerSmart Planet Mac and Cheese Maker Review
Gifted By: Smart Planet
Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor,


The Smart Planet Mac and Cheese Maker allows you to make a batch of perfect macaroni and cheese in just one container. The maker boils the pasta water, strains the water, and even has a stirring knob so you don't need to dirty another spoon or open the lid. This fun device will be a family-favorite!

I was impressed with how easy this appliance was to operate. All the instructions are simple and mac and cheese is made even simpler to make in just a few minutes. The maker brings the water to a boil incredibly fast and the built-in strainer is incredibly convenient. I like that you can add all the additional milk, butter, and cheese directly into the maker. After a few turns of the stirring knob, all the ingredients come together. 

The Mac and Cheese Maker comes with instructions on how to make the packaged variety of the cheesy recipe, as well as other homemade and more complex recipes. The recipes they suggest are delicious and super simple to make using this fun device. This is a great gift for college students, mac and cheese lovers, and other foodies!