Milk & Cookie Shot Maker by Smart Planet

Smart Planet sent me a product for review. All opinions are my own.

NOVEMBER 7, 2015 BY House of Fauci's

I love cookies and kitchen gadgets, so when I was contacted and asked if I would review the new Milk & Cookie Shot Maker by Smart Planet, I didn’t even hesitate and I said, “YES!”. I actually got really excited and kept imagining all of the amazing treats I could make with this new product and how excited my kids were going to be.

Milk & Cookie Shot Maker from Smart Planet

When I received the Milk & Cookie Shot Maker I didn’t hesitate in opening it. It included 3 pieces and a very detailed instruction book.

Cookie Nation Shot Maker

After washing all of the parts I started to prepare the cookie mix. For these shot makers it is important to use the cookie recipe that is provided in the instructional manual. It is a simple recipe and my girls loved it.

Prepare Cookie Mix

After the cookie mix was prepared I followed the simple directions and began to place the cookie mix into the shot cups and then prepared them for baking.

Prepare Cookie Molds

Once the cookies have baked, you will want to have them cool completely! Do not rush the cooling of the cookies.

Cookies Cooling

After the cookies have cooled, you will carefully pop them out of the shot maker, prepare the chocolate mix that will coat the inside of the cookie and then decide what you want to fill the cookie with. Inside the recipe book is a milk recipe, I decided to fill our cups up with chocolate pudding and then top the shots with whipped cream. My girls loved it!

Shot Glass Steps

These Milk & Cookie Shot Makers from Smart Planet provide so much opportunity for creative fun. I have fallen in love with these and cannot wait to use them for the upcoming holidays and birthdays!

Would you like to try the Milk & Cookie Shot Maker? Well, guess what? Smart Planet has allowed me to host a giveaway on their behalf. How exciting is that?