SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Snack On The Go Review & Giveaway

SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Snack On The Go Review & Giveaway


The Portion Perfect Snack On The Go container is one of SmartPlanet’s newest additions to their amazing selection of collapsible food containers.  The On The Go container comes with a lid and feature three separate food compartments for easy and convenient snack storage.  This container is pretty awesome.  It is great for both adults and kids and the colors are vibrant and fun as always!

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SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Snack On The Go is great for every day use as well as when you are on the go engaging in special events and fun activities.  I like to keep this portion perfect container in our refrigerator filled with clean fresh fruits and veggies so if anyone gets a snack craving these healthy options are convenient for snacking.  I purposely place it at the front of the shelf so the fun bright colors of the container catch the eye of the hungry person invading the fridge!

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This week has pretty hot so I took my kids to a park with a splash pad.  We enjoyed hours of fun outside which resulted in some very hungry kids!  Luckily I had packed a small cooler with water, string cheese, and our Portion Perfect Snack On The Go container loaded with fresh fruits and veggies.  Not only does the cover for this snack container keep my contents secure but it works great as a make shift plate when you are in need of a clean flat surface for your food.  I personally like to eat whatever goodies I pack straight from the SmartPlanet container but younger son likes to spread out his food in front of him so the lid is perfect for him!