SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Snack Kit Review Plus Giveaway

Remember my previous post, SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Meal Kit, that I wrote and the giveaway that was included? Well, guess what? SmartPlanet is at it again! They have sent me a SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Snack Kit for me to review and have asked me to host another giveaway! I love kitchen gadgets and SmartPlanet so much that I said, “YES!”. So sit back and I hope you enjoy my SmartPlant Portion Perfect Snack Kit Review plus Giveaway and good luck.

Smart Planet Portion Perfect Snack Kit

Here are some awesome features of the Portion Perfect Snack Kit:

  • Folds flat for super easy storage
  • 3 compartments that measure 1 cup each
  • Silicone base is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Allows you to customize your snacks and get creative
  • Tight fitting lid that locks
  • Available in 3 fun colors

The SmartPlanet Portion Perfect Snack Kit is perfect for on the go moments, visits to the park with the kids, school snack time for your kids, periodic snacks while at the office and so much more. Not only does it help with portion control but it also allows you to pack a variety of snacks. I love this product not only for the individual portioned cups but for the space that it saves in my cabinets! More space in my cabinets, means more fun kitchen gadgets for me.

SmartPlanet Fruit Snacks