Mason Jar Infuser Review & Giveaway

Mason Jar Infuser

Get the Tastiest Infused Water with the Mason Jar Infuser From Smart Planet Home!

Mason Jar Infuser

Smart Planet Home has so many products that make life easier! The Mason Jar Infuser is just one product that is offered to simplify things at home. OMG Goodies is so happy to have this review & giveaway on its site!

My Thoughts About The Mason Jar Infuser-

I have heard so many amazing things about infused water that I was excited to receive this product to review! I have been wanting to try infused water, but was not a fan of having things floating around in my water. This product is perfect for people like me who want to keep their fruits/veggies a bit more contained within their water.

This product was super easy to use! I first removed the base lid and then removed the infuser. They both unscrew, and were not hard to remove even with the first time. Often products are hard to operate when they are new, but I did not find that to be an issue.

I started to research the internet and Pinterest for ideas on what I could add into my infuser. I was literally overwhelmed with options. So, off to the grocery store I went with some ideas in mind. I love lemonade, but not that mixed stuff from a plastic container. I mean real fresh lemonade. When I was pregnant with our son I had this extreme love of blueberry lemonade from a restaurant we would frequent after doctors appointments. I decided to also pick up some mint for an added flavor.

Now it was time to infuse! I was excited about this process too. I think fruits and veggies are so beautiful. They are like artwork all by themselves. I read an article about infused water that said the smaller the pieces the better, so I began to cube my lemon and sliced each blueberry in half. I chopped the mint and began a layering process. As you can see in the picture above, it turned out so pretty!

I filled my cup with fresh ice cold filtered water and put it into the fridge to kinda “jive” the flavors together. I have to say I am so impressed with this cup and with the outcome of the water! It is both tasty and fragrant! I love that it is all fresh ingredients and it is helping me to not drink so much soda or other drinks that are not so good for me. The options are limitless with this cup and I can’t wait to try so many other combinations, especially with the summer months coming and having more fresh fruit, veggie and herb availability!

I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to drink more water and incorporate fresh products into their diet. This is one amazing cup!

I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to give away one (1) Mason Jar Infuser with my review! Best of luck to all entrants.

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About The Mason Jar Infuser-

  • Eco Friendly Mason Jar style drinking jar with Infuser
  • Use your favorite fruits and vegetables to make the perfect drink.
  • Create your own flavored water naturally with ingredients you select. The Fun & Healthy way to enjoy your daily water.
  • Flip Top Lid
  • Available in 4 Fun Colors
  • 100% Recyclable Product
  • 100% BPA Free
  • 27 Fl. Oz.