Giveaway – Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster

Giveaway – Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster – Ends 1/2/15


What fun!

I had no idea that a kitchen appliance like this existed, but it does and it is super cute.

The Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster toasts both the bun and the hotdog at the same time!

Instead of having straight slots for a flat piece of bread, there are two half circle slots for hot dog buns and another slot with two hot dog shaped holes. You can cook two buns and two hot dogs at the same time.

Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster

The Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster is easy to operate. If you can handle making toast in a regular toaster, you’ll be able to figure this out instantly. Bigger kids will have no problem making their own meal.

  1. Insert buns and hot dogs
  2. Select one of 5 heat settings and push the lever down
  3. Buns and dogs will pop up when they are ready to enjoy

The curved bun sections can also be used to toast a sandwich roll without squishing it like a regular toaster would.

Smart Planet also has other new Snoopy items available – Waffle Maker, Grilled Cheese Maker, Fondue Fountain, Popcorn Popper and more.

The hot dog toaster is a fun kitchen appliance that can be enjoyed by kids and adults!

Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster