Smart Planet Iced Coffee To Go Review & Giveaway

Smart Planet Iced Coffee To Go Review & Giveaway


The Smart Planet Home recently introduced an amazing new bottle that allows you to enjoy homemade iced coffee on the go!  The new Iced Coffee To Go bottle has a smart 2x chill technology design that allows you to turn your regular brewed hot coffee into a yummy cold beverage.   Simply follow these five easy steps.

1. Pre-freeze the “Coffee To Go”

2. Add fresh brewed coffee

3. Allow to chill for 5 minutes

4. Remove “Freezer Rod”

5.  Add ice and enjoy

DSC_0586Once you fill the freezing rod with water, screw on the black cap and place in the freezer along with the tumbler.  Allow to freeze for 4-6 hours if the rod is inside the tumbler.  I place them in my freezer separately and found they freeze in less than recommended time.

DSC_0603 DSC_0605DSC_0602

Once both parts of the bottle are frozen and ready to use, brew you the coffee of your choice.


Fill the tumbler about half way full with your brewed coffee.  If you do not add very much cream, milk, or sweetener to your tumbler, you will most likely be able to fill it with a little more coffee.  I filled mine a little more than half way because I just add a little organic half and half to my coffee and one pump of Torani Irish Cream Syrup.  Of course, you will be able to perfect this, the more you use it.  Then add the straw and fill with ice.  Twist on your cap and enjoy!


We finally have warm weather here in Wisconsin and that means I am officially switching to iced coffee for the summer!  I am loving this Iced Coffee To Go Bottle because it is so quick and simple to use.  Plus, this time of year our schedule gets a little crazy with sports and other events so be able to drag my coffee along with me is so convenient!  I enjoyed my son’s baseball yesterday with a nice cold coffee thanks to this bottle and its clever design.

IMG_8558Always hand wash and never microwave the Iced Coffee To Go Bottle.  The double wall contains freezer gel and is intended to only chill beverages.