Smart Planet Bacon Bowl Maker Review

Smart Planet Bacon Bowl Maker Review
Gifted By: Smart Planet
Reviewed by Arielle Matlin, Editor,




Bacon is an ingredient that people go wild for and look for new ways of eating it. The Smart Planet Bacon Bowl Maker is designed to create an edible bowl, made entirely of bacon, for serving food. The maker can make two small bacon bowls at a time. 


Smart Planet makes fun and inventive products, and this Bacon Bowl Maker is no different. The device heats up incredibly quickly and will cook in the bacon bowls in 5-10 minutes. The nonstick surface ensures you don't need to add oil. Plus, all of the bacon grease filters down into a drip basket so the bowls don't have any excess grease.


The bacon cooks up perfectly in the maker. The pieces fused together to create the bowl. I loved how crispy the bacon got on the outside, while still retaining a little chewiness.


The bacon bowls make for an amazing edible serving dish. You can fill them with all kinds of delicious ingredients. I really liked using them to serve a salad or a big spoonful of mac and cheese. The options are endless!